Asian leader backs School head

As I stated in my first letter dated 23rd June 1983 that the racism exists in all human beings in one form or anther and we are lying if we are denying it.  However we can’t do some thing about it.  We all can change our attitude towards each other.  We should think through about whatever step we are going to take or want to take and try our best to negotiate with each other freely without fear, favours and act according to whatever is better for all the communities.

Friday, 7 December, 1984

Telegraph & Argus

Asian leader backs School head

Asian leader Mrs. Mubarik Iqbal has backed controversial headmaster Ray Honeyford and said there are too many Asian pupils at his school.  At Drummond Middle Schoo1, where Mr. Honeyford is head, 86 per cent of pupils are of Asian or Caribbean origin.  Mrs. Iqbal says: “I’m very much in favour of him staying at the school.  I think he’s doing a good job.”

Mrs. Iqbal, who is chairman of the Great Horton Asian Women’s Centre and who lives in Oulton Terrace, Bradford, adds: “It’s better for Asian children as well as white pupils if there is more of a mix at a school. Something like fifty-fifty would be better. “It is bad for their education. “She also says children of Asian families should get no preferential treatment in schools if racial differences and discrimination are to be stamped out. “We will not be able to beat discrimination by treating one group of children differently.  The same rules must apply to everyone. Why is it that if a white child does not go to school the authorities ask the parents why not. That does not happen in most cases with Asian families.”

Mrs. Iqbal wants child benefits suspended for children who live abroad for more than four weeks. She also claims most parents do not fully understand the issues which have arisen following Mr. Honeyford’s criticism which were published in the Salisbury Review.  Now Mr. Honeyford has been instructed to try to restore the confidence of parents who want him sacked.  But the campaign for his removal continues, with a meeting between protesters on the Drummond Parents Action Committee and education director Richard Knight taking place last Friday.

Mrs. Iqbal sends her son, Fiaraz, three miles to Mandale Middle School rather than nearby Lidget Green where she says the racial mix is also wrong.


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