Are you a likely adviser?

Monday, October 1, 1984

Telegraph & Argus

Are you a likely adviser?

An appeal has gone out for volunteers to help to run an advice centre for Asian women in Bradford.

Mrs. Mubarik Iqbal has been running a help and information service from her home for almost a year, but now, feels more voluntary workers are needed to cope with increased demand. Asian women and girls have been turning up on the doorstep of 52 Oulton Terrace, Great Horton, for confidential counseling since the scheme was launched on an informal basis. Now Mrs. Iqbal has received £5,000 from the community program fund and is seeking planning permission to turn a house in Horton Grange Road into a women’s centre.

“The women I see have all sorts of problems, mainly domestic, concerning husbands and children,” said Mrs. Iqbal, 37. “Some have difficulties with social security that they can’t sort out themselves because they can’t speak good English or read and write. “Many of the girls have sought help from the unofficial centre in desperation and have been given overnight accommodation. But Mrs. Iqbal has stressed that she has no plans to run a hostel alongside the advice service. “As a last resort 1 would let a girl stay overnight, but I’d like to leave that problem to other groups and concentrate on counseling.” If any women are interested in voluntary counseling work at the centre they can contact Mrs. Iqbal on Bradford (01274).

Ms Mubarik Iqbal
counsels a young Asian girl.

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