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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


 Ms Mubarik Iqbal

No one is this world can now survive by hating each other.  Therefore every one of us has to change our attitude which we all have adopted for a long time.

Yorkshire Post

Tuesday March 5, 1985

Rabel School starts fresh race rumpus

Mrs. Mubarik Iqbal, 47, of Oulton Terrace, Great Horton, Bradford, said: “Many of the points which Mr. Honeyford made in his original article have some truth.  “I do not believe he is harming anyone by carrying out his job and I do not think that Bradford Council should give any credence to the calls by Drummond Parents Action Committee for his sacking.”

“I wish to bring about better relations between the Asian and English communities. The policy of the action committee will only worsen them.”  Mrs. Iqbal, a mother of two, who came to Britain in 1968, yesterday said she thought many Asians backed Mr. Honeyford, but were remaining silent.  She said: “Many Asian parents support the action committee because they are toeing the line, rather than because they have been allowed to think for themselves.  “Although the action committee has said it has the support of the community relations council, this is not wholly true. As a body, the CRC supports whatever view the Labour councilors take, but many individuals, like myself, support Mr. Honeyford.

“I believe that by action like today, when it has set up its own alternative school the committee is doing far more harm to the children’s education than Mr. Haneyford ever could.”

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