The chapter of another Iraq is unfolding.

Every one in the world, except America, Britain and Europe, is witnessed that hired terrorists have been roaming around with weapons in their hands and killing innocent people in Syria.

Furthermore those terrorists have been trying their best by illegal and wrong methods such as blowing people and their homes to achieve their master’s goals i.e. to over throw Assad and appoint a puppet to help them destroy it and make the way to destroy Iran who is, in my opinion, is too thick to not to make/develop nuclear weapons to protect their people and the country since Israel had done so years ago.

Furthermore trusting America and it’s allies means inviting very poisonous snakes in their homes without preparing to protect themselves.

The world is witnessed that America, Britain and Europe are above national and international law and they can and do keep changing their minds. They don’t know the meaning of promise or respecting their own words let alone others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if their next target after Iran will be Russia or China and rightly so. Therefore one, particularly Muslims since they are on their target at the moment, must think oneself about their and their country’s safety and security without relaying on their words.

Ms Mubarik Iqbal

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