I wondered who is terrorist, Muslims or non-Muslims?

2nd June 2013

I wondered who is terrorists, Muslims or non-Muslims?

I blame America, Britain, Europe and Israel for the bloodbath in all over the world. They think that the world is too ignorant, blind and thick to know about it. The audacities of the above mentioned countries and rightly so that they believe that they have good given right to keep on manipulating, threatening, bribing and abusing every one including national and international laws.

No one invited the above mentioned countries let alone Vietnam, Panorama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and many more including Syria? Iran is next on line. The have tasted human blood. Therefore they can’t stop spilling it all over the world.

They stealthily enter in the country or countries, create hawak and eventually bloodbath. Since Bush and Blair haven’t been held accountable, the people have been committing far more heinous crimes, for example instead of a couple of drone attacks a month in Pakistan, they are far more now and many innocent people have been killed almost daily and nothing any one can do against these criminals. Instead of upholding the law and the people accountable for their most heinous crimes in the world so far, they’ve let them lose to enjoy their lives and encourage the others to do the same. The law is nothing but a big joke for them.

According to poll, British are in favour of arming the re4bels in Syria so that you will be successful in appointing their poppet and that’s what you are good at. It is called modern slavery.

I wondered who is terrorist, Muslims or the war mongers?.

Ms Mubarik Iqbal

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