Muslim & their leaders





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I am not a member of any party. However Muslims and particularly philistines and Pakistanis can never use their heads to vote for the right person may it be local or general election. Therefore we can’t blame corrupt people to be the head of the state/s such as Mehmood Abas and Humas who have been killing their own people for years to strengthen Israel getting themselves weaker.  The patriotic people let alone leaders don’t do that.  What’s difference between them and Israel’s killing the innocent Philistains. Yet they are the leaders. Can you think any thing worse then this?  

I don’t believe in sects. Thereby I, including my both children, have no sect.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto decleared one sect of Muslims, to achieve his own political ends although Muslims are not allowed to do so, with the help of corrupt and animies within us a non-Muslims to divid the people and also divided the country into two, Pakistan and Bangaladash.

His daughter baNazir Bhutto divided the districts to role the country that only traitors does it and patriotic unite the country instead.

Her husband played a good chess to hold the top, most important and trustworthy post.  The whole country puts the trust on the person occupy such post and he ruined it. The question is din’t Pakistani know it? Why did they vote for them to insult and humiliate all Pakistanis in the whole world?  Not only that, the whole country mourns on their deaths and celebrate their deeds, good pone I must say that they will most certainly will vote for them in no time, you watch it.

Parvaz Mushariff had done many good things that no one dared to think about let alone sorting them out.  He empowered women, sorted out people like Bugti and masque full of weapons that had been making people’s lives misery. Most important of all is that he made media more available and free. There was hardly any thing in Pakistan and is flushing like mushrooms. The same media didn’t fulfill it’s responsibilities properly and had chopped the tree that they were helped to reside and flourish.

Nawaz Sharif has made a couple of good moves and contracts with China. I do hope sincerely that he waill stay away from Saudis. However unless he fulfill his promise to get more and better roads, rail and PIA etc. that create jobs, there is no use of signing a piece of papers.

Ms Mubarik Iqbal

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