Obama’s emotional game begins

Obama’s emotional game begins

Obama’s game of playing with the emotions of Philistines has started again as had been by other American presidents and that’s what are good at.

Would he (Obama) dare to be fair by the Philistines that would certainly be against the wishes of Israel? I doubt it very much.

Would he succeed in dividing them (Philistines) even further? Of course he would since Mohamed Abass and Hamas like any other Muslim leaders have never been interested in the welfare of Philistines. Therefore I for one sympathise with helpless Philistine and despise those who are selfish, greedy and the ones that have been butchering their own people to achieve their political ends.

It is very easy to make Muslims fool by their demonstration of  attending masques, prying, reading Quran and fasting to establish their reputation of being good Muslims,. Knowing full well of those people and testing again and again, yet they support those who are good for nothing. It’s no ones but Muslims’ fault who not only support such people but also encourage and force others’ to do so.

Which Mohammed do they believe who allows them to butcher their own people,I would like to know?.

Ms Mubarik Iqbal





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