Here we go again. David Camren wants and one way or the other he will get the permission from MPs to go on killing spry in Middle East yet again.

Has everyone forgotten the excuses that were made to build up forces there without any intension of attacking Iraq?

History has always, sooner or later, repeated itself and is doing so in Middle East yet again though a bit sooner.

They love to dominate everyone and rule the whole world regardless of how many millions of people they have to trample under their feet to achieve it. Infect they enjoy doing this and no one in the world has a choice in the matter since they have already told the whole world that either they are with them, means share bounty with them, or against them means there is no room for them in the world.

Furthermore this is the only way that they make their living.

Ms Mubarik IqbalMubarik Iqbal/Face Book twitter&e-mails

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